New MS Advocate - Looking to connect


My name is Moyna. A little background about myself.

Diagnosed at the beginning of 2020, this has been the most challenging year of my life. Upon diagnosis, I started conducting tons of research, looking for support groups or general MS resources. I noticed a reoccurring theme within the MS community. I did not see many people who looked like me or had similar backgrounds. It motivated me to create my Instagram. Sharing my journey and stories in hopes of inspiring others. Using my platform to further build the MS community to include EVERYONE! I want to help others through their journeys. Providing motivation and positivity to anyone who is in need. A place where we talk about all aspects of this chronic illness. Now, I am blogging about my experience so far.

I am very new at all of this. I would like to converse with others about their advocacy. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hey Moyna! Welcome to the WEGO Health community - we are so honored to have you as part of this movement. Thank you for sharing your story and using your voice to speak up for those who may not be as represented. It’s so important for patients to find hope and power from someone they resonate with. I just know you’ve made someone else feel less alone in their MS journey, even if you are just starting out!

Take a look around the platform and reach out if you have any questions - cheers to this new advocacy adventure!

Welcome to the team ! Love to chat any time you like -

Welcome to advocacy and to blogging! I’m so sorry that you were diagnosed in 2020, of all years. I love that you saw a need in the community and decided to fill it! I don’t have MS, but I have RA, another autoimmune disease. (My aunt actually has MS, but that’s her story.) Like many people with autoimmune diseases, my family has a strong autoimmune presence on both sides. But most of us don’t have the same disease! Autoimmune disease are weird.

Like many people, 2020 has been rough for me, so I’ve been popping in here and there in between health issues. But I do blog about chronic illness overall, and I also write a lot about blogging and social media tips. If you’re looking for blogging tips, I have a bunch.

Happy to have you in the WEGO family!

Heeeeyyyy! I have MS too! I would love to connect on IG. I’m @angelaterry_

I was diagnosed in 2017 almost three years to the date. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!